1. #Sansa and #Joffrey from our #gameofthrones colouring book by @ezrashame thanks so much for sharing! #teamart #GoT

  2. @iamlilbub coloured by @emmaofthehour so good. Love the glowing halo! We love @iamlilbub

  3. We made some Game of Thrones colouring page freebies just in time for the Season 4 finale!

    We featured characters and scenes that were not in our original Game of Thrones Colouring Book

    • Joffrey at the Purple Wedding (EVERYONES FAVE!! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?)
    • Brienne of Tarth
    • Sandor Clegane - The Hound
    • Margaery & Olenna Tyrell
    • Oberyn Martell

    Download the PDF so you can print them for yourself and friends!

    We would love it if you guys shared your finished colouring pages with us via Twitter or Instagram!

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  4. More work in progress… Stay tuned! #wip #thehound #gameofthrones #GoT #sandorclegane #rorymcann

  5. Working on some freebies. #wip #teamart #gameofthrones #oberynmartell #pedropascal #GoT


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  7. All Saints & TLC By @joshxayling via Twitter :) from our Nineties Pop Divas colouring book! Get your own from www.teamart.ca #teamart #allsaints #tlc #90s #yass

  8. We just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    We are obsessing over Chris Evans all over again. Check him out in our Hunky Dudes Colouring Book along some of our other favourite Super Heroes. We also have a Volume 2 now with even MORE of your favourites!


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  14. Coloured #leslieknope by @pronovost via Twitter :) #parksandrec #teamart #colouringbook #treatyoself

  15. Check out littledoeeyedgirl's Colouring of Sansa and Joffrey!

    Thanks for sharing! glad you enjoyed it!


    One of the coolest gifts I’ve ever gotten